“Memories of the outside world will never have the same tonality as those of home.”



Places inhabited in the past are enmeshed in experience of the present. My physical reactions to a space where I’m working seek to connect with places once occupied. The fleeting nature of memory is cause both for anxiety and relief. I simultaneously fear and yearn for change. My work confronts these conflicting perspectives.


Personally meaningful video and photography are projected into my present spaces. Pieces of walls are removed to house images from the past.


The play between physical depth and projected illusion is crucial to me. It wouldn’t suffice simply to hang a framed photograph. I'm interested in the question, what is present and what is remembered? Projection has a dreamy quality. The graininess of the projected image corresponds to the quality of my memories. Remnants of the past combined with the architecture of the present create environments where the past finds a home.